The Challenge

Every 6 months the Rabbit Farm replaced the two 5-ton units that were used to condition their mice breeding space. The Farm started seeking alternatives and was referred to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. by two local HVAC companies.

Temperature control was a must for the small mice breeding situation. The existing units were unable to keep up because of the gross amounts of ammonia (urine) output by the critters and the unit’s coils were corroded bi-annually. This decreased the mice reproduction, plus employees were affected by the high levels of ammonia (urine) output, causing high employee turnover.

The Solution

Upon extensive inspection the Arctic Gator™ was suggested. The mice needed to stay at a constant 74 degree temperature year round for optimal reproduction/production output. Due to the ammonia output it was determined to use industrial processing ammonia coils. Two 15-ton ammonia processing coils were installed and Demandside Energy Solutions built a 15 ton Arctic Gator™.  In addition were 2 exhaust fans installed for each building where the mice were maintained for breeding.  The need for constant temperature monitoring was originally done by a security system company. This prompted Demandside Energy to develop its own interactive monitoring system included with the Arctic Gator™ at an additional monthly fee. Allowing Demandside Energy to see any problems and immediately fix them before the mice breeding productions were disturbed by the controlled temperature.

The Results

The mice at the Rabbit Farm were maintained at a constant temperature of 74° year-round. The farm also experienced a decrease in their monthly electric bill of 30%. The Rabbit Farm operated the Arctic Gator™ System for 10 years without fail until being taken off-line when the company was closed.

The Summary

In 2001 the cost was $30,000 for the Arctic Gator™ installation. The RIO was 4 years. The monthly savings was 30% and with the now constant temperature the mice were more productive and the mice output was increased as well, by 45-48%.

With less internal ammonia gases escaping into the conditioned space both employees and mice were at their maximum production. So, the business was much more successful all around.

This was the first installation of the Arctic Gator™!